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WA Specialty Alloys Pty Ltd
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Western Australia 6155
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Quality Approvals & Awards

  • S1000 (GEAE)
  • S400 (GEAE)
  • SABRe 9000 (RR)
  • AS9000
  • AS9100C
  • ISO9001:2008
  • AS7101 (Nadcap)

VIM Superalloy Ingots

WASA also produces VIM superalloy ingots either for use in casting applications or input stock for powder material for aerospace and power generation applications. The remelt ingot is produced in a variety of diameters.

The major alloys produced are alloys IN738, IN100, RR1000, M002, GTD111, C1023, IN713, MM247, R77, R88, IN718, PWA1455, PWA475LS