Western Australian Specialty Alloys


Whether your project demands primary vacuum induction melting, secondary remelting or even triple-melt capabilities, WASA has reliable facilities and outstanding commitment to quality to deliver on your needs.

Superalloy Ingot, Billet, and Bar

WASA produces superalloy ingot, billet and Bar for forging and ring rolling applications for a range of aerospace, power generation and oil & gas applications.

In addition to IN718 WASA produces over 40 wrought alloy grades some of which include Waspaloy, IN625, X750, 13/8, U500, IN725, IN925, R41, IN945, IN945X, S188, C263, IN907,IN909.


VIM Superalloy Master Bar Stock

WASA also produces VIM superalloy ingots either for use in casting applications or input stock for powder material for aerospace and power generation applications. The remelt ingot is produced in a variety of diameters between 3 inch (75mm) and 7 inch (175mm).

WASA supplies master barstock used in equiaxed, columnar grain, single crystal and powder atomisation applications. With a total portfolio of over 60 seperate grades examples of the major alloys produced are IN738, GTD111, Rene 108, MM247, IN792, FSX 414, L605, MM002, C1023, IN713, IN 718, R77, PWA1455LS, PWA1475LS, IN100, R88, RR1000, ME16, SR99, WSX1 and WSX 2.

Vacuum Induction Furnace

WASA’s vacuum induction furnace has a melting capacity of 5 tonnes (11,000 lbs), 10 tonnes (22,000 lbs) or 15 tonnes (33,000 lbs) and can produce input stock for master melts or secondary and tertiary melting.

Vacuum Induction Furnace

Arc Remelting

WASA’s VAR furnaces have upgraded control systems for precision melting control. Ingots can be supplied via the double melt VIM + VAR process or the triple melt VIM + ESR + VAR process for premium quality rotating grade applications.

Ingot Sizes:
  • Nominal 16”(405mm) diameter
    7275lbs (3300Kg) finished ingot weight
    Double melt process
  • Nominal 20” (508mm) diameter
    9480lbs (4300Kg) finished ingot weight
    Double or triple melt process
  • Nominal 24” (610mm) diameter
    14550lbs (6600Kg) finished ingot weight
    Double melt process
VAR Furnace

Electro Slag Remelting

WASA operates modern Consarc and ALD manufactured ESR furnaces for the supply of round double melted VIM + ESR ingots or as feedstock for the VAR in the triple melt VIM + ESR + VAR process.

1 x Consarc ESR

Nominal 18” (457mm) diameter
9260lbs (4200Kg) finished ingot weight


Nominal 18” (457mm) diameter
9260lbs (4200Kg) finished ingot weight
Large diameter capability up to 34” on request

Electro Slag Remelting

Forging Capabilities

Davey 2300MT Open Die Press:
  • Fully Re-built and upgraded in 2012
  • Double Rail Bound Manipulators
  • Fully integrated control system
  • Six forge furnaces surveyed to AMS 2750
Auxillary Equipment:
  • 1500MT blanking press and RAW80/50 Wagner ring mill
  • Medart Bar Peeler and full machine shop with CNC capabilities
  • Matec Immersion Ultrasonic tank - Fully NADCAP certified
  • Heat treatment Furnaces surveyed to AMS 2750
OVF Press


WASA’s Albury facility supplies shaped nickel alloy forgings for oil and gas and power generation applications together with a range of steel forgings for shafts, racks, rings etc for mining and general engineering within Australia.

WASA Furnaces
OVF Hangers

The Highest Standard of Process Control

At WASA, a highly regarded team of professionals which includes chemists, metallurgists, engineers and technicians, applies the highest standard of process control using the very latest in analytical equipment and ensures that the most exacting requirements are achieved.

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